lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Final presentation!

Hello my blogger friends
This time it comes to selecting a theme and relating it to the units we've seen at this level. My group and I chose London, and my subjects are the films and talent is the part I liked most of the 6 uniades hope that we know more or a little of what is london

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

unit 10
lesson A
unit 11
lesson A

lesson A


Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday, also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Heroes From the Movie

Logan is my hero, is one of Marvel comics superhero a member of the X-Men. He´s brave and strong, larder, energy, justice and fast.
Logan is a solitary man by nature and a hunter for hire. Warrior Wild Lobezno have some senses of smell, sight and hearing one´s own dog, as well as power capable of self heal almost any wound. His skeleton and claws of an expandable metal are indestructible.